Roo is a bird crazed girl with a super sweet disposition. She gives the true meaning to velcro dog, as she loves to be with you. Roo is set to head to the 2023 Navhda Invitational where we have very high hopes for her. She takes to training very easily and with a great attitude. Water is no issue for her as she loves to troll around for ducks and just go for a swim. When Roo gets on the scent of game its so fun to watch her intensity rise. Keep an eye on this girl. The possibilities are endless. 

OFA Thyroid- Normal
Penn Hip- R.37 L.34​

Martinsen's Got the Edge to Win aka Winnie is full of spunk and desire. At the ripe age of 16 months old she earned her Navhda Utility Prize 1 and her AKC Master Hunter Title. We are beyond thrilled with the accomplishments Winnie has achieved. Bold, biddable, and gritty are just a few ways we refer to this girl. Winnie now spends her days relaxing with the family and hunting every chance she gets. 


Penn Hip: 90th Percentile

L-.029 R-.029

OFA Thryiod-Normal


Summer is young spunky girl from our Roxy x Goose breeding. She loves her birds and her family. We have big plans for this fire cracker and can't wait to see what the future holds!

VC Martinsen's Lil Pheasant Popper-MH

VC Martinsen's Lil Pheasant Popper MH (AKA Ginger) was our wonderful girl and foundation to our breeding program. We first got Ginger with the purpose of just being our personal hunting companion in Iowa and South Dakota. One day a member of the Midwest Tristate NAVHDA Club told us we should come and check out the club, so we did. We instantly fell in love with the NAVHDA system and started training Ginger for testing. She was a natural and earned a Prize I Utility Title, with a maximum score of 204 and earned an invite to the 2014 NAVHDA Invitational. Where she earned her Versatile Champion Title. Ginger was the second female vizsla in North America to hold this amazing title. Ginger had also earned her AKC Master Hunter title! She earned multiple 9s and 10s in the AKC circuit. Along our journey we have had many compliments on her bold style and drive on upland as well as water fowl. We would take her duck hunting every year and she excelled on land and water.

Prairie is spunky girl who has a lot of get up and go and tons of drive. Prairie is sweet, biddable, and a go getter. At the young age of 1 year old she had already earned her AKC Junior Hunter Title and Navhda Natural Ability Prize 1. Kade, our 9 year old nephew, handled Prairie to her Junior Hunter Title. It goes to show how willing to work for others she is. Prairie is living the life of cuddling with kids every chance she gets and hitting the bird field whenever possible.


Health Testing

OFA Thryiod: Normal

Penn Hip

R: 0.19

L: 0.21

Vezeto's Prairie Wildfires UT2 JH


CH Kivalo's Milo Man At Martinsen UT I MH

​Gone but not forgotten

VC Martinsen's Lil Pheasant Popper MH

(Gone but never forgotten)

Milo was a big boned gorgeous male from Kivalo Vizsla in London, Ontario. Alex Richard bred this outstanding boy. He was a super strong dog with a wonderful temperament. Milo had the desire to never quit and truly enjoyed his job as our hunting companion and family dog. He produced a Navhda Versatile Champion Breeders award. All of his offspring are just as bold and sweet as he was. We do have frozen semen available.


Hips: Penn Hip-90th Percentile

Left Hip: 0.21

Right Hip: 0.20

OFA Cerf: Normal

OFA Thyroid: Normal

OFA Cardiac: Normal -

VC Martinsen's Got the Edge to Win UT 1 MH

Wall Canyon's Princess Beauty UT2

​Martinsen's Sweet Summer Time

Wall Canyon's Rumor has It UT1


Roxy was bred by Bridget Nielsen of Wall Canyon Vizslas out of Montana.

This spunky girl is owned by us and Deb and Shawn Williams. She resides in New Mexico with the Williams family and their two young children whom she adores. Spunky, gritty, and driven are a few words that sum up Roxy's amazing personality and work ethic. She earned her Navhda Utility Prize 2 at the young age of 16 months. Roxy loves to be in the water, field, or chilling on the couch with her family. We have great plans for this girl and her future. 


OFA Thryiod: Normal

Penn Hip: L-0.29  R-0.28