Today Tate is a professional dog trainer, as well as a professional hunting guide for White Lake Hunting Lodge. ( I am a surgical technologist for Avera Specialty Hospital in Sioux Falls as well as Tate’s enthusiastic partner in our training and breeding programs. We now have to children, Gavin and Emma whom are the lights of our lives. It is so fun to see their love and passions for the dogs and great outdoors grow. Both of them play a huge key roll in socializing our puppies. Something they both enjoy very much. The love and compassion we have for dogs has grown over the years and shows in our work. We describe ourselves as “low pressure trainers who never take ‘no’ for an answer.” Others recognize us for our keen ability to read dogs and figure out how to help them have success. Our goal is that they will thrive in the field and in the home. Testimonials

Greetings from Tate and Jenny Martinsen in South Dakota! We have been breeding and training dogs since 2011. Our story began with Ginger, our very first vizsla. When she came into our lives, we could never have imagined the wonderful journey she had in store for us!

We are active in our NAVHDA and AKC chapters. Tate and I have each served a term as our NAVHDA President and I have served as our AKC Secretary. Tate is the current Navhda Test Secretary for our local chapter.  Participation in these organizations has helped to guide us on our path to producing exceptional versatile hunting dogs. A bonus has been the achievement of several Versatile Champion titles, multiple Utility prizes, numerous natural ability titles, many Natural Ability Breeder awards, Utility Breeder Awards, Versatile Champion Breeders awards, as well as AKC Master Hunter titles. More About Our Dogs

Due to Ginger’s impressive characteristics, we were encouraged to join our local chapter of the North American Versatile Hunting Dog Association, or NAVHDA ( and start private training sessions with a local trainer. In doing so we found our passion, as well as great friends and mentors in Joe and Jean Rodriguez of R Place Kennels ( ). In 2013 we purchased a small acreage as a place to make home and to continue to grow our business. Living in the country and training dogs is a dream-come-true!